What’s happening in members’ Lambeth gardens this month. Left: Water Mint, still flowering. Right: Rozanne. Known as a doer – it’s doing. Left: Rose la Parisienne. “I was dubious about growing roses until I discovered they like south London clay. This was an impulse buy at a plant auction. It grows very tall and vies with Darcey Bussell to be the first to start and last to stop flowering.” Centre: Astrania. Broadcast from a seedpacket free with a gardening magazine. Right: Centre: Begonia Glowing Embers….Continue Reading “November – what’s happening now”

We had a great time at the Blooming Lambeth Awards on 1 November 2022, run by Incredible Edible Lambeth. The winner of our ‘Guess the weight of the Butternut Squash’ competition was Mosaic Clubhouse. They win a year’s free membership and can take full advantage of the great quality stock at our Trading Hut! The closest estimate was 3.5kg. The squash actually weighed 3.515 kg (7.75 lbs).

A member’s recommendation I would like to recommend a plant for which I have a very soft spot. I’ve never heard mentioned on any TV gardening programme.  It is Hypericum aka St John’s Wort.  The birds seed it around my garden now and again. It grows easily from seed,. It’s hardy as they come – anything surviving Queensbury winters is TOUGH.  I have it in pots as it will take a hard cut back to keep it small .  The flowers in Spring are about the…Continue Reading “Celebrating St John’s Wort”

I had a spare trough last September and some old carrot seed.  I thoughtI would try the seed for the flowers and foliage rather than the crop. I am delighted with the results, still in flower now and with a crop ofradish sized roots which are excellent in a salad. Audrey Luff