Celebrating some Flower Shows from recent years

LAMBETH COUNTRY SHOW 21st-22nd July 2018

We had over 120 entrants this year, and welcomed lots of new faces. The ‘vegetable sculpture’ judged by public vote brought scores of people to the tent – ‘Kale Marx’ and ‘Carrot Southgate’ were two of the figures on view.


I collect cacti and succulents, and have entered some of them into the Lambeth Country Show ‘Flower Zone’ competitions for the last two years and have even won a prize or two. This year I thought I would have a go at flower arranging too. I liked the ‘Garden News’ category, because I had an idea how to use three terracotta pots in a design.

To my amazement I got a first prize, and was lucky enough to win prizes for all my cacti and succulents as well. I even got more prizes than my mum did with her flowers! My grandparents came to the show with me, and it was lovely to go round the flower tent with them. They, and my dad, have been coming to the show ever since it began. 

Charlotte, aged 10

Over 100,000 people flocked to Brockwell Park to enjoy the delights of the city-based Lambeth Country Show.  

The Flower Zone marquee remains the jewel in the Country Show crown – the large marquee buzzed throughout the weekend, with particular excitement around the eagerly awaited ‘Vegetable Characters’ which continued their political theme, focusing heavily this year on ‘Theresa Maize’ and the ‘D U Pea’.