Avoid a penalty

Registration numbers will need to be collected and forwarded by the Wednesday of the week of the Flower Show to stlukeswestnorwood@gmail.com

Terms & conditions of hire

“Please make it very clear to all staff, volunteers and visitors that if they park in the car park without a permit they will receive a penalty charge from the company that manages the car park.

If they want to arrange a permit to park for this event they must contact stlukeswestnorwood@gmail.com with their vehicle registration number and receive emailed confirmation of their permit before they attempt to park.

St Luke’s PCC will not take responsibility for cancelling any penalty charges issued to volunteers and visitors who do not have confirmed permits. It is also possible to arrange a two-hour parking permit from the tablet in the church. This can be extended when the two-hour period is coming to an end but if the vehicle owner requires more than two hours parking it is recommended that they request a permit for the day.”

If you have difficulty contacting the St Lukes, please contact the show secretary