Cheviot Gardens Update

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With the arrival of fine weather, Cheviot Gardens Gardening Club couldn’t wait to get started on the outside space. They chose to focus on the east-facing patio area.

The large raised flowerbed in the corner has now been cleared by two hardworking members. They put in two rosemary plants from pots planted earlier in spring. Daffodil bulbs were carefully lifted and put at the back of the bed where we hope they’ll make a cheerful resurgence next year. The rosemary will be joined by sage, bay and thyme, creating a luscious herb garden. The kitchen door is only meters away, so the chef will be able to pop out for fresh herbs once the bed is established, explained co-ordinator Theresa O’Neill.

Larger pots will be planted up with evergreens and a mix of flowering shrubs. Meanwhile inside, members were busy sowing annuals including zinnias, poppies and nasturtiums. They will be transplanted to fill in the gaps in a few weeks’ time.

“This is an ongoing project,” Theresa said. “It will be exciting to see the space develop in the coming months.”

Lambeth Horticultural Society plans to be back in the autumn to help with the transition to winter colour and planting up pots for spring.