Hut Stock March 2022: List of living items

Categories For Members

Agapanthus Collection
Gladioli Nanus BUP
Begonia (Red)
Begonia (White)
Gloxinia Kaiser Frederich
Lily Solution, Lily Apricot Fudge, Lily Fata Morgana
Dahlia: Vectra, Wizard of Oz, Liquid Desire, Melissa Anna Marlene, Showtell
Cyclamen Hederifolium
Hymenocallis Sulphur Queen
Mirilabilis Jalapa
Canna Sol Happy Carmen
Ranunculus Snow White
Convallaria Majalis
Penstemon Husker Red
Rosea Felix Crousse
Nerines Undulata Crispa
Accord, Charlotte, Valor, Sarpo Mira, Carolus, Salad Blue, Maris Piper, Sharpe’s Express, Pink Fir Apple
Shallot French Hermine
Garlic French Pre-Pack
Onion Sets White (Sturon), Red (Karmen)

As at 10 March

While Stocks Last